Dating format woman to man question and answer

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Forget the outdated idea of a rigid “dating format” with pre-determined questions for women to ask men. Today’s connections thrive on genuine conversation. Here’s how to ditch the script and have engaging interactions:

Dating format woman to man question and answer

Focus on Shared Interests: Look beyond demographics. Did his profile mention a love for rock climbing? Ask about his favorite routes! This sparks a natural back-and-forth and reveals compatibility.

Open-Ended Questions: Instead of “Do you like dogs?” try, “What’s the funniest thing your dog has ever done?” This encourages elaboration and lets you discover his personality.

Be an Active Listener: Pay attention to his responses and ask follow-up questions. This shows genuine interest and creates a comfortable space for him to share.

Share Your Passions Too! Don’t be afraid to talk about the things that excite you. Reciprocity is key, and your enthusiasm might spark his interest in a new activity.

Remember, dating should be fun and a chance to get to know someone new. Ditch the script, be yourself, and have engaging conversations to see where the connection takes you!