Hairstyles for kids back to school

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The back-to-school frenzy is upon us, and amidst the hustle of book lists and lunchbox prep, hair often becomes a morning afterthought. But fear not, weary parents! This year, ditch the dreaded ponytail rut and embrace some fun and practical styles that will keep your kids looking (and feeling) confident all day long.

Hairstyles for kids back to school

For the Active Adventurer:

  • Double Dutch Braids: These classic cornrows offer durability and style, keeping hair out of faces during gym class or recess sprints. Add colorful beads or ribbons for a playful touch.
  • The Messy Bun: A quick fix for unruly tresses, the messy bun is both fashionable and functional. Twist sections of hair loosely into a bun at the nape of the neck, leaving some wispy strands free for a relaxed vibe.
  • Sporty Headband: Headbands aren’t just for gym class anymore! Choose a comfy headband with moisture-wicking properties to keep sweat at bay and add a pop of color to any hairstyle.

For the Fashionista:

  • French Braid Crown: Elevate the classic pigtail with a braided crown that weaves around the head like a tiara. This intricate style is perfect for special occasions or just adding a touch of magic to the everyday.
  • Double French Twists: Similar to French braids, these twists offer a polished look with a touch of whimsy. They’re particularly flattering on longer hair and can be adorned with flowers or barrettes for an extra touch.
  • Half-Up Hairstyles: These versatile styles offer endless possibilities. Try a braided headband, space buns, or a simple half-up ponytail with cute clips or ribbons.

For the Low-Maintenance Crew:

  • The Slick Back: Sleek and sophisticated, the slicked-back hairdo is surprisingly easy to achieve with a little gel or styling cream. It’s ideal for shorter hair and keeps everything out of the way for a fuss-free day.
  • Headbands or Hair Accessories: Let your child’s personality shine with fun headbands, clips, or barrettes. These quick solutions can instantly transform a simple ponytail or pigtails into a stylish statement.
  • Leave-In Conditioner and Air Drying: Embrace the natural texture of your child’s hair with a leave-in conditioner and let it air dry. This low-maintenance option is perfect for busy mornings and helps keep hair healthy and tangle-free.


  • Hair needs time! Start practicing new styles before the first day back to school to avoid morning meltdowns.
  • Comfort is key! Choose hairstyles that your child feels confident and comfortable in.
  • Have fun! Experiment with different looks and discover what works best for your child.

With a little creativity and these helpful tips, back-to-school mornings can be stress-free, even when it comes to hair. So, grab your combs, get ready to play, and let your child’s individuality shine through their hairstyle!